What is Party Perfect Boutique?

Founded in 2015, Party Perfect Boutique has created party decor for over 15,000 happy customers. We make unique, personalized party decorations for all your special moments!  Party Perfect Boutique is a women-owned business located in Tampa, FL.

How did this all get started?

Audrey has always been an avid crafter. She loves the process of creating and designing new things, but she is also a lover of parties! Audey loves being a host and gathering with friends and family to celebrate! Party Perfect started as a way to share her party decor creations with others! 

A little about our owner:

Audrey is a lover of all celebrations! Any excuse to get together with family, friends & ... cake! She enjoys baking, hosting parties, and creating all the items you see here! She is a self taught artist, who has perfected her craft over years. 

"I love that even in a small way, I am a part of so many special moments! Creating these personalized party decor pieces is a dream career for me!"

- Audrey, Owner of Party Perfect Boutique